Menopause is a stage in a woman’s life when menstruation stops, thus ending her childbearing years. Although it is a natural process and not a disease, many women approach menopause with an apprehension that they would begin to suffer from several mental and physical conditions.

When does it occur?

Majority of the women experience menopause between the age of  forty fine to fifty five years.
Factors influence the age of menopause are:
1.cigarette smoking 2.nutritional status 3.body fat 4.hereditary 5.high altitude

 Symptoms of menopause?

1.Disturbances in the menstrual pattern
    -Absence of ovulation
    -Reduced fertility
    -Decreased or increased menstrual flow
    -Irregular menstruation
2. Hot flashes
3. Psychological symptoms
    -Increased irritability
    -Decreased sexual desire
    -Thinning of the lining of the vagina.
    -Pain during sexual intercourse.
    -Itching or irritation in the external genital organs.
    -Inability to hold urine.
    -Increased frequency and urging to pass urine.
    -Inflammation of the urinary tract.

Premature menopause risks rising
A pan-India survey conducted recently by the Bangalore-based Institute for Social and Economic Change has brought an alarming new phenomenon of premature menopause amongst Indian women is rising.


Homoeopathic medicines recommended for menopause have two main actions.

(A) Providing quick relief to the physical and mental problems.
(B) Eradicating the negative effects of reduced effects of estrogen on various parts of the body such as bones, joints, heart, etc.