Anitha Ahamed

I am very much satisfied with his treatment. A very sincere and friendly doctor. Nowadays we don’t find such doctors. Fees is very affordable where anyone can go and get treated. They take care of everyone. All patients going there are very much comfortable. I can say he is the best. All the patients coming here have been cured 100%. People of different age groups get treated here and all are very happy with what they achieve in the end. Really a pleasing atmosphere. They treat everyone with a smile and with lots of patience which
is really necessary for a patient. I can really assure no one can find a better place than Holykings. Everyone must at least once go there then you will never stop going .

Lakshmi K

I was suffering from vertigo problems, and did not find any relief with traditional allopathic approach. Desperate to try an alternate therapy that would work, I visited Dr Suneeth last year.
Dr Suneeth was attentive, helpful, and immediately put me at ease with his kindness and professional attitude. He spent a lot of time thoroughly investigating the problem, and prescribed medicines with the agreement that we contact him over phone or in person almost every other day with updates on how I was doing. He explained that he would need to get my continued feedback to the medicines to arrive at the correct strength/dosage.
And sure enough, within a week of the first visit, including periodic phone checks and intermediate visits, I began to show dramatic improvement and get relief from vertigo.
Since I was leaving on an extended visit out of town, Dr Suneeth provided me with a medical kit of homeopathic pills with which he could manage any of the symptoms. The kind doctor inquired about my well-being almost everyday using social media/email. He is truly a doctor that cares for his patients well-being. Very rare in this age and time. Dr Suneeth – Thank you.

ahansha Abu

It was very good to be treated with care and professionalism. I won’t get that bad feeling when I’m sick next time because I already know that I’m in safe hands.

Winonah Rajendran

A very pleasant service is offered here. Continuous and effective monitoring of patients provide a fulfilling result. I’d recommend it personally.

Rosilin Mary

Very good hospital. Doctors are very attentive and caring to provide the best service

yadu r

I had been to the clinic and treatment had given better results….

Balasubramanian R

Best homeopathy clinic in Coimbatore

Sudha BalakrishnanSudha Balakrishnan

ancy selvarajancy selvaraj

I am taking treatment for the past 6 months.Both my doctors are so caring and attentive towards me .They dont give you fake promises..cost is very reasonable for their service..I have always admired for their honestly and caring attitude for their patients.Best part is that we would be educated about the disease and their words bring in a healing power within us ..Definitely a best place to be in where you will be fine both physically and mentally.